• Greeting

    Many people ask me what kind of company we are and I always tell them.
    "We are the company that can helps to bring your image products to the real world.
    Many people ask me if I can make such a thing like this, like that or similar product with lower cost.
    Some of them are extraordinary and seems impossible to create but as I discuss with them, my sensitivity turns on and my neuron activate as well.
    Afterward, we are on board to create unique products.
    I have many ideas in my mind.
    Products on our website are some of my deep attachment ones and not all of them at all.
    Market in the health industry is quite tough to continue for medium sized companies and we need a differentiation to get a competitive advantage.
    A bit of contrivance and some tips could be a major source of ideas.
    We take back-seat role for you.
    We have contract manufacturers nationwide and outside the countries.
    Also, wide relationships from medical industry to the press.
    Please give us your idea and we will bring them into shape.
    We are waiting for your voices from all over the world.

  • 株式会社トラストレックス,代表取締役 西村純一