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  • Hydrogen generation ceramic stick DOKOSUI MX

  • Hydrogen generation ceramic stick DOKOSUI MX

Mechanism of hydrogen generation ceramic.

The hydrogen generation ceramic used for DOKOSUI MX is mixed with our company’s original blend of metals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc.The hydrogen generation ceramic is configured in a way so that oxidation and reduction start simultaneously when it comes in contact with water due to the potential difference. Therefore, when DOKOSUI MX is put in water, direct current (DC) electricity is generated. The water (H2O) is electrolyzed by this DC electricity to produce hydrogen bubbles.Furthermore, unlike conventional hydrogen generation materials (mainly made of magnesium metal), extremely small volumes of different types of metals used for our hydrogen generation ceramic are sintered without being oxidized. As a result, oxidation of metals caused by electrolysis is almost completely prevented. For that reason, our hydrogen generation ceramic can produce water containing a high concentration of hydrogen for approximately two to three months* without the need to replace the stick with a new one.
The amount of dissolved hydrogen in water made with DOKOSUI has been approved by the Japan Hydrogen Water Promotion Association.

High concentration hydrogen.

  • We put DOKOSUI in a 500-milliliter PET bottle of water * (the water was refilled everyday) and measured the hydrogen concentration using the ENH-1000 Dissolved Hydrogen Meter. *We used tap water of Suita City in Osaka for this measurement test. The hydrogen concentration varies depending on the water temperature and water hardness.

Safe and free from dissolution of foreign substances.

  • Environmental Management and Technical Center (EMATEC) has certified that water made using DOKOSUI conforms to the water quality standards for drinking -water in terms of arsenic,lead,cadmium,chromium,mercury, cyanide, aluminum,copper, and manganese content, as well as compounds of these substances..

    Large quantities of magnesium oxide dissolution and the danger of it being absorbed into a human body have been pointed out for conventional hydrogen water sticks (products mainly made of magnesium metal) in the market.
    Dissolution test for heavy metals contained in water made by hydrogen generation ceramic.


  • ●Materials:
    Polypropylene (stick),
    hydrogen generation ceramic(filter material)

    ●Dimension of stick:
    Height 105mm,diameter 20mm

    ●Weight of stick:
    Approx. 25g/stick (+/-0.5g)
    Hydrogen generation ceramic Approx. 18g

    • Above weight excludes weight of PET bottle and water.
    • When you use this product,thoroughly read“How to se”indicated on the package.


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DOKOSUI MX english brochure(PDF)

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